I’ve started a new page dedicated to my latest musings and ramblings. It follows the things I love in life and I’ll try to mellow down on the things that make me unhappy. The purpose of this is to share with you all the quirky things I’m doing and what I have planned for the future.

Who am I?

I’m a mother, an entrepreneur, a job seeker, social media marketer, a friend, a wife, and many more things depending on the day. Otherwise, I’m a woman in her mid 30’s living in Finland trying to make a change for herself, her family and pursuing things that I love.

What’s my passion?

I love cooking, I love being able to share the food that I make with others. I love to travel, I love to share travel finds with others. I love horses, especially Icelandic Horses (we’ll get to that when you follow my ramblings down the road). I also love dancing and air-yoga (anti-gravity yoga, fly yoga, etc. etc.). I’m into gardening when time permits but it’s quite difficult combination when it comes to choosing to stay all year to tend the garden or go somewhere. Of course the obvious, I love my child and my dear husband as well as the smelly dog we call Nemu. I have other little hobbies that I love and you’ll discover them along the way.

I may not have shared everything in my introduction but you’ll get to know me as time goes by. So stay tuned!