Life Changes

You may not have heard from me for some time, I do apologise. I was going through some changes in my life that led me to some rough mountains to climb and not so smooth terrains. I feel that I’m slowly coming to a crossroad where I need to make a decision on where I want to be. The road is still not as smooth, there maybe some bumps, challenges and detours. I’m still going back and forth on ‘what ifs’ but it’s clearer as each day passes and the crossroad becomes closer. I just need to focus and make that decision, and I should really see it through once I make it.

I’m currently busy with co-founding a start-up so my time is rather occupied with trying to put pieces together in the company. That being said is one of the reasons apart from my personal life changes.

Speaking of which, my current blog will move to a new domain name to reflect my online and business persona. I’ll be sharing most of my travel musings, foodp0rn and recipes (I’m not a tease ;), okay, maybe just a little xD) as well as how you can sample some of my cooking (yes this will be a possibility soon, stay tuned), mompreneurship, life in general and last but not least my hobbies in general (usually revolving my dance, yoga, horseback riding).

At the top of Gibraltar (scary O_O)




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  1. Suvi says:

    Hi dear, so sorry to hear about your tough times – many hugs! I look forward to following your new blog in the future. ❤


    1. jaceyvahiz says:

      Hi! It’s been a long time! After the dust settles, I’ll share a bit more about the journey. It was a tough decision on my part but I’m still not 100% on it especially after today. Hence the going back and forth. I see little pieces coming together.

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  2. jaceyvahiz says:

    Sent too soon… Hopefully before Xmas everything will be clearer.


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