The gamer in me

This is one part of myself that I’d like to share that sometimes annoys some of my relatives because, I’m suppose to ‘grow up’. I’m still a geek at heart even if I have all my other hobbies and interests. Not ‘too’ long ago I use to plant myself in front of the PC and play World of Warcraft after a full day of work playing and testing games. It didn’t quite stop there, even if I changed industry, I still came home to my WoW. That’s how crazy I was back in the hay day. Now that’s not really an option anymore but I still enjoy having some games, the game itself does get mundane in the long run, full of repetition and *shrug* farming. However, social interaction in within the games prolong the interest of it. Mobile games have come a long way since my day as a Game Tester for Digital Chocolate. Back then, compatibility was such a hassle that the games were made in three qualities, the low end, the mid range and the high end (mind you S60 was considered the high end, my how times changed!). After Facebook started to gain momentum circa 2007-2008? Everyone was rushing to it! I admit I did enjoy my fairshare of Facebook gaming, from Farmville to Mafia Wars, to Restaurant City and so on. Over time this too got taxing as the social aspect of the gaming was rather limited to click and pass on through spamming. I’ve annoyed an irritated quite a bunch of my friends who didn’t enjoy getting constantly notified they needed to click to help me take care of my virtual donkey!

Needless to say even that got to me so I’ve stopped pretty much most (if not all) of the Facebook games and even gone to the extent to block them. But do I still play games? Heck ya! I’ve moved into mobile games, as I mentioned it has come a long way (pretty much after Apple launched the iPhone). Why? Just because, it’s portable. I remember the time when I got my first Nintendo Gameboy (yeah the green screen with the dots xD), I was ecstatic! I would everywhere with it. I had the freedom to play wherever I want and not be planted in one location for too long. My friends would come and join me under a tree or on a park bench and we’d take turns playing a 2 player game. The downside of the Gameboy were the 4 AA sized batteries that ran flat after a few hours of play. That didn’t deter me as I always brought along my handy rechargeables and I’d play until they are all flat!

Now, I’m content when I do get a little me time to do a bit of this and that, but gaming will always be a part of me. It’s like small chunks of fun combined with an introvert’s social interaction (I can chat a storm virtually and IRL) hence I do enjoy the social aspect of online gaming and it is what appeals to me most. I find it fascinating how random people, strangers if you may, come together with common interest to form a team. We find what we like about certain aspects of the game and use our strongest skills to complement each other. Sure there are a few that we disagree with and usually everyone finds their place in within a group. I know I’ve found mine and it was enough to keep me going for now :). Some of you may know me…;) but I’ve manage to remain anonymous for quite some time :). In the mean time, I’m going to hit the sack while my team mates from other parts of the globe game on!

Calíndra is watching you…

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