Cafe+ – A gem in Helsinki

This post has been sitting in my drafts for eons. I apologise as I was still sorting things out and life happened. Now that I have a slight clarity and more me time, I’m able to catch up on a lot of my posts. Right, now to the blog entry.

Cafe+ was recommended by a friend. I ventured there just before the Asean food festival as I hadn’t had time for lunch earlier and was looking for a quick bite. It was rather late so there was no crowd, which was good for me since I don’t really like rushing when I eat just so that others can get a seat. I knew exactly what I was going to order as I was told to get their special. What’s this special you say? Rou Jia Mo (Steam bun with pork fillings) + Won ton soup, that’s what I got! 🙂

Cafe+ Menu

The restaurant is not very easy to find as it’s in a secluded side of Helsinki. However once you find it it’s worth the walk there. The ‘Rou Jia Mo’ has flavourful meat with delicious herbs and spices. The wonton soup was appetising, different from how I’d make it but still really good! The owners are really friendly, the whole entire atmosphere is just perfect for a peaceful dining.

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The Location:
Lapinrinne 2, 00180 Helsinki
Phone:044 9716641


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