Highlights of my 2016

I think one of the biggest highlight was to meet one of my favourite comedian, Mr. Harith Iskander. He came over to Finland to compete in the World’s Funniest Person competition where the semi-finals was held in Helsinki and finals at Levi. I wouldn’t have been able to meet with this great comedian if the Malaysian Embassy hadn’t organised the event and sent invitations out. Harith in my short observation is really a very down to earth person, very friendly and actually quite shy person (this part he mentioned ;)). His wife Jezamine was a gem, she’s easy to approach and has a great personality. A person who you can strike a conversation with and keep it going on and on. Here are some of the pics from that evening…

Thank you for all the laughs and reminding me where I come from and to embrace our quirky ways ^__^.

If you want to see Harith’s performance in Finland please visit:

Semi-Final in Helsinki

Finals in Levi

A bonus, one of my favourite performance:

To Know Malaysia Is To Laugh Malaysia (2015)


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