Father’s Day In Finland -2016 Family time

I’ve always known father’s day to be in June, until I moved to Finland. During my one year stay in the UK after being a mum, I learnt that Mother’s Day is also different in some parts of the world as in the UK it is celebrated in March, but Father’s Day seemed to be the one that puzzled me the most. Maybe it’s because I’ve noticed first change when I lived in Finland while Mother’s Day was the same day in Malaysia.

So in Finland (Estonia and other Scandinavian countries), Father’s Day is celebrated on the second Sunday of November…..NOVEMBER! It’s usually the most depressing time of the year, if it snows it turns to slush, if it rains chances are the water freezes and you get a giant skating rink, if that’s not horrible enough, it starts to get really dark and the trees look quite lifeless by now. So why oh why does Finland (and the other countries also located in ‘Winterfell’) decide to have this in November? My husband had a theory that because November didn’t have much of celebrations so they just decided let’s plant Father’s Day in November!

This year we bought new winter shoes for my hubby and we decided to celebrate father’s day at the restaurant. I was scouting high and low for a month for a place to have the lunch/dinner. The traditional Finnish Father’s Day menu did not suit our palate. I wanted it to be a bit special so I discussed with my daughter since it was a place for celebrating her Father. I asked her, What do you think Daddy would like? Her respond; ‘Meat!’. So, meat it was.

I eliminated a lot of the regular steak houses, we didn’t want those because it just didn’t feel special or it felt like I didn’t put too much effort. I also wanted a place to go to that we’ve not been to before. I remembered that we had a great lunch when we were in Madrid at an Argentinian restaurant. They had grilled meat and they were barbecued and brought to the table in a skewer where the server would slice a piece of meat on to your plate for you. They kept coming until you had no more room in your tummy left for more. The place similar to this was Caverna plus it had the Asian buffet and Teppanyaki, Sushi, Tex Mex, Finnish and Chinese options that is just amazing (yes, this sounds like a bad combo xD). They also had a chocolate fountain that my daughter went totally crazy over, it trumped ice-cream!

PICANHA! *say it like the guy in Rio -the animation*

There aren’t many restaurants in Helsinki that have roast duck, that’s what I go to Chinatown in London for when I do visit the UK. They offered it here, I was careful with it at first but after tasting a few pieces, I went back for more. There’s just so much to feast on and I’m sure even the pickiest eater will find something to munch on. Let’s just say, I’ll definitely come back again, just not too soon. I’m so full that I’ll probably skip breakfast xD. Below are some pictures I manage to take from the restaurant at dinner serving.

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Finally, one happy Dad <3! Happy Father’s Day to my dearest hubby and to all the awesome dad’s out there!



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  1. Suvi says:

    You hubby looks pleased so it was the right choice I’d say!! 👍👍


    1. jaceyvahiz says:

      Hi Suvi! Yes! He was extremely surprise and happy with the food. Only problem was he only had one tummy… xD. Oh by the way, I remembered that you love Malaysian food. There will be an Asean Food Festival in Helsinki on the 17th of Nov. I have the event on Facebook, so do check it out if you have the time: https://www.facebook.com/events/701534303328516/

      Cheers! ^^

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Suvi says:

        Oh no, I will miss it as I have work that evening 😱 So sad!!!


      2. jaceyvahiz says:

        Oh nooooo…. 😦 there will be so much offered… nevermind, we can do a double blog, I’ll prepare a Malaysian meal for you ;).

        Liked by 1 person

      3. Suvi says:

        Yes that sounds good to me 👍👍


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