Where does the time go?

I apologise for taking forever to make posts these days. I’m preparing for another change in my schedule hence I’ve neglected completing my posts. I have the tendency to leave things in draft mode.This won’t be a long post but again just to confirm I’m still here and I do read comments. I’m also starting a Facebook page for my blog for those who just want to connect casually there. It should go up on Saturday.

I think that I should actually get my act together and set the time and day I will make posts (relevant posts) and schedule them to be published. I’m not the world’s most organised person but when I get into a mode I usually get things done :). I know I promised recipes and I will get them done, someone just needs to sit next to me and remind me to measure the portions each time I cook. I’ll start to add more videos now that I have my editing tool in place. Stay tuned! 🙂



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