The Cadbury World Experience


Who doesn’t love chocolate? A bold statement I know, and frankly I know a few who don’t, so let’s leave them out of this experience xD. However, this particular chocolate brand (Cadbury) is like a warm fuzzy childhood memory, it means more to me than say my hubby who is a fanatic about Fazer (page in Finnish and Swedish only).

I come from Malaysia and this British brand is well known there. The purplish-blue wrappers were always a welcome sight. I’ve always loved the ones my family would buy when they visit the UK as it tasted different, somehow more special. The ones from Malaysia had the similar Cadbury taste but it was lacking that smoothness and the melt in your mouth sensation, something I’m unable to put my ‘tongue’ around. I was able to taste the difference even in a blind taste test, you’ll notice it as well. I believe it could be because it’s so warm in Asia that the chocolates are made slightly different to prevent melting (just an opinion). So when I heard about Cadbury World, I just had to make the visit.



I wasn’t a big fan of Willy Wonka Chocolate Factory and watched an older version (1971, starring Gene Wilder) of it as a kid that made me fear taking candies from people. The Cadbury world tour wasn’t anything like that, it was far from it. I did enjoy learning about the company’s history and how it came to be, there were a few highlights of the tour and frankly the chocolate store could include more speciality items that aren’t available anywhere else. It felt like the local Asda, Tesco, Sainsbury or even the news agent may carry more selection than the Cadbury World. If you want trinkets and special character items then you can get those from Cadbury World. So what does the tour entail? Well here’s a map of the Factory and nearby village area.


Since we got there a bit before opening time we decided to take a stroll.

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I’ve seen so many images of Bourneville Village on traditional Cadbury packaging and commercials that it felt nice to be there. I love the Selly Manor style houses there. We didn’t spend too much time around the village as we wanted to make sure we were in time for breakfast before our tour time begins.

I had to have one of these…Actually two xD

After that our tour began, we were greeted with door gifts (Yay! chocolate) and we started by going through an exhibition of the history and discovery of cocoa (Into the Aztec Jungle we go!). Pay attention as the answers you seek to answer the questions on your quiz card can be found throughout the tour.

I quite enjoyed the visual aspects of some of the tours such as this one part of the cocoa beans’ journey to Europe:


There was another show in between after the exhibition telling about the history of Cadbury and how it came to be. I have a video of it but it’s just way too long to share it here. There was another show with some moving benches showing the process of making chocolate somewhere in between but I couldn’t capture any images to share. After that you’re walking through the old factory leading up to the ‘Cadabra ride’. Some captures from the ride. Couldn’t take a picture of the beansmobile itself as we were rushing to get on xD.

After that we got to have some chocolate while we watch the chocolate making process.

We proceeded into the purple planet but not before going through advertising planet before exiting through the store.

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We did purchase some chocolates and later we ventured out to the outdoor area leading to the 4D theatre, that’s when our tour ended.


The verdict. Maybe I’m too old for this to enjoy it completely or I feel that it wasn’t worth just travelling all the way here just for it. I learnt something about the history of my beloved chocolate and probably don’t remember half of what I heard during the show (but I got it on video xD), now the next chocolate factory experience will be closer to home. For Cadbury die hard fans, it’s probably a must, for others, it’s worth dropping into if you happen to be in the vicinity of Birmingham to visit the place. It’s great for school kids or field trips (there were many children there in groups with their teachers). There aren’t many rides (1 ride, Cadabra, and 4D experience can’t be considered a ride but you do get the feeling of some motion),  there is an outdoor park but it is rather small.



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  1. Suvi says:

    How interesting! I also grew up with Cadbury but I must say I prefer Fazer 😉


    1. jaceyvahiz says:

      Haha! I hear a lot of that from Finnish friends living abroad. I had one that lived in the US and said she preferred Fazer to Hershey’s, that I can agree on. xD

      Liked by 1 person

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