England – there’s definitely more to it

As I said my farewells to London, I began to prepare all my materials to write about where and what I’ve visited. What I realise is that England is filled with travel destination, all unique, all beautiful, I know that I won’t be able to see them all in my lifetime as I still have many places to cover. This trip was mainly about visiting family and visit a few attractions including the nearby towns. Our first travel concentrated on visiting nearby towns on the way up to Cadbury World. As well as Warner Brothers Studio to see the props and learn the behind the scenes about the making of Harry Potter. I’ll edit this post to link the blog post later on, I’ve been busy with getting things sorted out that I haven’t completed my blog post (Stay tuned!) but just wanted to put my two cents about different views about travelling, some people want to see it all with their own two eyes while others enjoy reading and looking at other people’s experiences. I’m a bit of both, I love seeing where people have been and dream about going there. I love making plans about it, while doing that I also calculate how much it would cost for me to get there and what I need in terms of spending for food and maybe gather a few souvenirs when I’m there. Most of the time I find that the amount of holidays I have in a year vs. everything else I have to do while I am on vacation meant that I won’t have more than a few days to go on that holiday and when I take into account the cost, I’m usually taken aback.

This then got me to thinking that my aunt did have a point when she said “while others have a travel bucketlist to cross off she’s happy to be able to experience them through the photos she sees on Social Media”. Somehow, I’m still determined to see some of the places for myself and capture it anyway I can and share it, hopefully to inspire others to do so. Some places may be more special for me and seem boring to others, you’ll have to find your place on earth. When we moved to UK for a short period, my hubby and I made it a point to visit as many places as possible in nearby towns and counties. We had a roadtrip almost every weekend and longer ones when there are bank holidays. Below are some of the flashbacks of all our trips to UK, and believe me when we say we have been to UK A LOT and we still haven’t seen it all >__<.



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  1. Suvi says:

    Gorgeous. Even London has so much to see that I doubt one could manage in a lifetime. 💕

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    1. jaceyvahiz says:

      I have a big bucketlist for UK… I just have to be happy that I’ve had time to enjoy while I’m there and not just passing through :).

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