Vierumäki – Sports and Leisure Holidays

I enjoy a quiet downtime when I go for holidays. I want to really wind down and relax the first few days I arrive at the destination before seeking new adventures. Since, going on holidays in within Finland or even a short break means that you’re not travelling over too long distance and you’re not thrown off by the difference of time zones. One thing I do recommend for those who want to have a bit of adventure, activities and some sports at the same time enjoying some Finnish nature, Vierumäki is a place to go.

Vierumäki is nestled away from the hustle and bustle of city life (where Helsinki is extremely moderate compared to many other larger cities) but not too far away from it. It’s a short drive (between 1.5 hours to 2 hours) from Helsinki. There’s a variety of sports and leisure activities for solo travellers, couples, family or just a group of friends. You’ll just need to agree with each other on what suits you. I recommend renting the chalets or cottages if possible with a larger group, although this time we decided to try the hotel.

Since we don’t need so many rooms and we spend most of our time out, renting an entire cottage is just too expensive for two of us. Unless we want to spend an entire week, then it makes sense to rent a smaller cottage and cook in instead of eating out. There aren’t many places to dine in Vierumäki but there are places to fill the gap when you’re hungry, if you know what I mean. You can definitely take a drive to the nearest town, Heinola, there’s a cool burger joint called ‘Bus Burger’, you can check my blog post on it. I planned to go to the Flow Park but because our schedules got a bit messed up I only ended up hiking around on my own and one horse riding tour with Toreson stables (I loved it!). My husband on the other hand enjoyed his golf all three days. Below is a sneak preview of the Cooke Golf Course in Vierumäki, photo courtesy of The Hubster!


The tennis courts were unavailable when we were there as they had some bicycle exhibition going on, so no tennis for us. There is a bowling alley in the basement of the hotel for a good group fun, we missed this as our schedules were not matching and frankly it would have been more fun if we were a group instead of just us two. I did get my massage which was one of the highlights of my trip apart from the Riding experience. I had two options to choose from, either the really expensive Spa treatments from the hotel or opt for the student massages. I chose the latter. I got a nice long massage, I didn’t really care about the atmosphere too much as I spent my entire time with my eyes closed. The students there have great taste in music (or whatever radio station they were listening to) instead of the spa/forest ambient sounds. Don’t get me wrong, I do enjoy those too but when your muscles are in knots, you just want someone to straighten out the pretzel in you. Below is some of the photos I manage to capture from the trip. I’ll update the other posts (The Toreson Stable post) with videos of the trek after I’m done with the editing.

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