If Extreme Sports Doesn’t Kill You, It’s The Sofa

I had many plans for this week but I was struck down by an inflammation on my Achilles Tendon on the left leg. I was prescribed some usual suspects for medication and told to rest, so no sports for a while (so I cancelled all my classes for this week so far). I do sports, yoga, dance and some other that require extreme physical movements in short bursts, and I am constantly riddled in bruises but it didn’t do any harm. The harm came from resting on the darn Sofa! On Monday evening, I had planned to take a rest before making a phone call to someone and the moment I stood up, I felt a sharp pulling pain on my left calf all the way to the ankle. At that very moment I thought, OH GAWD THIS IS ONE #&%!* CRAMP! It wasn’t, it lingered the entire evening and made my night a living hell. There was no where on the bed I could put my leg and I was constantly woken up by the jolting pain. Hence I had forgotten to call said person and I’m sure she’s quite upset by now.

The pain was rather mild yesterday (Tuesday) so my daughter reminded me that there was a free entry at Korkeasaari Zoo and I told her that we may not be able to go if my legs are hurting, that meant I could not walk as much. She was devastated, so I said to her let’s see how it feels after my day at work and after her day at school. Surprisingly it got better, so I took the chance and went to the zoo with her. Evening came and I felt okay, not 100% but okay. This morning….I felt like I was dragged out of bed and thrown into the torture chamber where the torturer tied my left leg to a torturing device to hook on to what felt like a large muscle and yanked at it for the next few hours. I had to go down the stairs this morning and the pain of putting mild pressure was unbearable. I got down the same way my daughter did when she was still learning to walk, sitting on the step, coming down the stairs on her butt, one step at a time. Albeit I was not in huge diapers like she was, it was pretty embarrassing sight. After debating and checking what our insurance policy covered with my hubby, I reluctantly went to the doctors after the short argument. He was extremely concerned about my condition and I was just too irritated to be getting myself help. I wasn’t able to drive the stick shift as pressing on the clutch was a killer, thank goodness for automatic cars (if was the right leg, I would just not get anywhere…). So medicine and rest for the next two weeks, I just wanted to get this out right now and sorry for the spam! It’s bulk posting week it seems :/. Now I’ve caught up with my Vierumäki posts. I still have a few more in the draft backlog.


Photo credit: practicalowl via Foter.com / CC BY-NC


Feature image by: Pixabay


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  1. Suvi says:

    Oh no! I hope it heals quickly, sounds so painful 😨


    1. jaceyvahiz says:

      I’m hoping it heals quickly too! I had plans to do the garden up but can’t because of it :(.

      Liked by 1 person

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