Bus Burger -Getting the Roadtrippin’ Feelin’

My husband loves burgers, period. He is extremely picky about the burger he eats and doesn’t just like any burger. If we had to go to Hesburger [A Finnish chain, like McDonalds but smaller] he would cringe (then again he shared an image that he was in Hesburger today October 5th, 2016, while waiting for our daughter at her Scouts gathering for nostalgic reasons). When he decided that we should drop in and test Bus Burger out on our trip to Vierumäki, I cringed! I am not too big a fan of burgers these days, maybe it has to do with me eating so much of it the past decade or so when I’m just not bothered to cook. So, we ate something else along the way (a simple lunch restaurant next to Inchcape Vantaa <__<, you can tell from my emotes that I wasn’t too happy with it either).

So how did we end up here? We learnt that on Sundays, McDonald’s in Heinola was not open (seriously!) and I wanted to get something cheap and quick for lunch, some chicken nuggets. Plus it was the Pokémon promotion for Happy Meal and I promised my daughter to get her the toys. Disappointed, my husband suggested that we go to Bus Burger. Again, I wasn’t too keen but seeing how much his eyes sparkled, plus I skipped lunch and he was right, we ate the night before at the hotel restaurant and it wasn’t cheap (although the food was pretty decent) plus we wanted something different. I was starving so I gave in, also because my dear hubby did well in promoting the place through other people’s photos, sweet potato fries (bataattiranskalaiset) caught my eye and I’m a sucker for those! Here’s Bus Burger’s Menu.

The burgers and sides. Sorry for the poor picture quality, Underneath pulled pork burger is Truckers burger and underneath that is Double Cheeseburger.
The other things

I had the Truckers burger meal without the sweet bbq sauce. It was GINORMOUS!!! LOOK!

Truckers Burger Meal

The burger was good, but a bit too big. I couldn’t finish the entire thing and even left some fries behind (blasphemy!) xD. It hit the spot and I can say I would go back again but this time I might share this big boy with someone else. What I like was the atmosphere there. It really felt like a retro diner playing rock from the old days. Felt a bit like a ‘Grease’ setting but hey I loved Grease! :). The school bus props really does make the place stand out.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

If you’re feeling like you have an appetite of a T-Rex, you could take the Challenger Meal that consist of 3 patties, 1 steak, bacon, chilli-cheese sausage, egg, salad, cheddarcheese, chilli-mayonnaise, mayonnaise , jalapeno, salsa, nachos, cheese sauce, blue cheese, mustard, bbq sauce, tomato, red onions, coleslaw and onion rings (Whew! That was a mouth full!). Of course then there’s the rules, you’ll need to chow everything down in within 30 mins at your own risk. You may not share the meal, the plate has to be empty, possible cleaning charges of €50 (you know if you happen to stuff yourself and it doesn’t go well). You can’t leave the table for 10 mins after you’re done, you can’t change the filling of burger. If you win you eat for free and you get to be on their ‘Wall of Fame’…So far there are only two challengers. Are you the next? 😉

The Bus Burger Wall of Fame

For more up to date information, visit Bus Burger’s Facebook Page as their website Busburger.fi is not up yet.


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  1. Suvi says:

    I’ve never heard of Bus Burger, good to know if I ever wind up near Heinola 😉


    1. jaceyvahiz says:

      It’s worth visiting just for the atmosphere. The food ain’t that bad either! 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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