Toreson Icelandic Horse Stables Vierumäki

I first noticed this lovely stable on my first trip to Vierumäki. Being a person who’s not so active the thought of going to a sports retreat is something I tend to steer clear from. I have a few sports I enjoy doing and horse riding is one of them. I’m a big fan of Icelandic Horses. They are gentle and in the winter they look extra fluffy. The reason why I love them is because they are much gentler in nature, and in my opinion, shorter than other riding horses. They are sometimes the size of a larger pony but can take more weight than one. Even if they could take heavier weight, the riding schools put a limit to how much a person can weigh before riding the horses, the range is between 80 kg -95 kg. Icelandic horses are perfect for beginners because of their mild temperaments. Some of them have 5 gaits, my favourite would be the Tölt, trotting, not so much, the tölt is just wonderful!

However, they are horses so, thunder, lightning, speeding cars, moose flies and other sudden loud noises out of the ordinary can spook them. A pregnant mare can also be difficult (from past experience riding with my sister, she got the pregnant mare, I got the gelding and a purple butt we have!) So let your instructor know your riding experience and they’ll pair you with a horse that suits you and be on the safe side and make sure your personal insurance is in check.

Nörtti (Nerd): Itch, itch, itch…

In Toreson, they normally run the trails/trek/tours in Finnish but if you don’t speak any Finnish, it’s not a problem whatsoever, they speak English as well. They are quite popular so you’ll need to book a spot way in advance to make sure you have the tour you want. I booked 3 weeks in advance and still was not able to get on the package I wanted but I found a compromise :). If you’re going in a larger group, I believe they were able to accommodate private tours. They have a good facility, you don’t need to bring anything fancy with you except maybe riding breeches. They offer riding boots, helmets, gloves, rain gear and other things needed to make your ride smoother.

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Treks offered for Adults and experience younger riders*

Long Treks that are 2 hours in duration at €69/ per person (prices in 2016)

Medium Treks that are 1 1/2 hours in duration at €53/ per person (prices in 2016)

Small Treks that are 1 hour in duration at €37/ per person (prices in 2016)


Riding for children

Minisafari, 20 minutes in duration at €20/ per person

Arena riding (only on weekends) at €3/ per round

*Children who have been riding weekly for over a year and are capable in handling the horses are welcome to the adult treks. Adults booking the rides are responsible for their child.

Visit Toreson’s Website for more up to date information. Below are their visiting address and phone number if you need to call someone for for further inquiries.

Vaellustalli Toreson
Kaskelantie 7
19120 Vierumäki
Tel: +358-10-5777472 (Calls between 09:00 – 17:00 (GMT +2))


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