Took my work to town – Seeing Helsinki as a tourist: Sibelius Sculpture and Regatta Café

This post was way delayed. I had planned to post this on Wednesday evening but one thing led to another, it just got stuck in draft mode. Better late than never right? So here’s what happened…

I purchased a Hop-On-Hop-Off ticket from a ‘Groupon’ sort of deal back in June/July and was suppose to use it to gather some information and routes the bus took. Since it was expiring and I didn’t have much time due to dance classes as well as work and a creepy dude who befriended me online (I accepted based on mutual friend BUT I’ve learnt my lesson and let go of said creepy dude). Living in Finland for a good 16 years in total (give or take), not counting the years I was away doing other things (like studying and having this void I cannot remember what the heck I did, If I remember it I’ll let you know). Anyways, I met with a friend who was as crazy as I was and we took the trip. They gave us this funky red earphone thingies so we can listen to the narrator while we enjoyed the trip around town. I have to say, I learnt a thing or two about Helsinki, it’s a different story if I remember it. I’ve always driven past the Sibelius monument but don’t remember ever stopping to see it. It’s a very common place tour operators take visitors, so it’s not uncommon to see busses parked by the Sibelius Park on the busy Mechelininkatu. Since I was playing tourist, so hey! Selfie time!

Goofy person in front of the monument!

However, it was not that was not the main destination. We were headed to a nice little hut behind the park that served as a summer café. I can’t believe I’ve never actually been there. Regatta is nestled next to the sea and it’s a quaint little place close to the Sibelius monument. You can rent an assortment of leisure water transports such as pedal boats, row boats and canoes/kayaks to venture around the area. According to my friend they use to only accept cash but when we got there we found that they accept cards as well, which was great since we don’t carry much cash around these days. Apart from the usual sandwiches, cakes, sweet buns, soft drinks and coffee, they have a nice fireplace out front and you can buy sausages from the café and grill it yourself. Beware of the birds, they are small, they are many and they are extremely brave ;).

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