Knowing when your house is a home and the kitchen project

Make the house a home.

It’s common that when we make a big decision such as purchasing a new home, a car, a bicycle and so on. We want to have everything checked and crossed out in our wishlist, however it’s not always possible. Back in 2009, May to be exact, was when we made yet another decision to move. Mind you, my husband and I are like nomads, we moved a lot in our days and almost never at the same place for more than 2 years. Kivistö, Vantaa was different. I was heavily pregnant (with skills to build a house of cards) and my hubby was no builder (but he can make a mean software!), we did have a dream to build our own home but because we know our limitations and budget we had to skip it. I found an okay home on sale on the Finnish online realtor site When I saw it, I thought, a white shoebox ‘yay’ (waving a tiny triangular flag, kidding). We went inside and thought, fireplace (check), sauna (check, yep many Finnish homes have this), floor heating (check), the standard bathroom and toilet, nothing fancy (check), stone counter top (yay-ish, tiny triangular flags waving again) with ‘who are you kidding with this terrible choice of colour’ stones and ivory-ish antiquated style cupboards (err, hrmph, yeah okay, fine I’ll bite my tongue). The key selling point was the daycare that would be possibly ready in 2010 and a train station that would be ready around 2015. This all happen more or less in the estimated time. Our daughter enrolled into the new daycare in 2010, but because it wasn’t ready right when we needed it, she was placed temporarily with other babies and toddlers in Pakkala daycare at 10 months old. On July 1st 2015, the station opened, it’s an easy day to remember since the station shared the same ‘birthday’ as my little girl. For some reason, it feels like we’ve had this station forever even if only a bit over a year has passed.

Fast forward to Tuesday 13th of September 2016, we realised that our home is in a great location but our kitchen was for some reason in really bad shape.So we went to Keittiömaailma to see what it would cost to renew our kitchen plus what it could possibly look like. Kati did a great job making use of the oddball shape of a kitchen we have and I could see all sorts of possibilities. I’m still looking at the design and thinking of how I may still ask her or her colleague to make some changes (she’s going on maternity leave, hence her colleague). The changes will be minor, maybe a change on one door, inserting lights in some spots to make it less disco white all over xD. In her drawings, she included a close representation of the floor that we have currently it made my eye twitch. For people with OCD they’d be ramming their heads on the walls so hard they’ll end up in a different dimension. So before we can even say yes to the kitchen we need to also think about how much it would cost us to redo the floors, because once the kitchen comes on there is no way in Thor’s name that we’ll be able to change the horrid floors and we have to just live with it, as you can see below.Kitchen perspective2.png

So here’s the amount of materials we had to go through, it wasn’t all <_<. There were catalogues of stuff, and I felt that the hour we had there was not enough but we were running short of time plus my hubby still needed to continue working after this meeting.


The thing with our current kitchen, be it as it may that we dislike the current granite counter top (see the image above next to our alternative choice), it’s still in a very good condition and it’s a shame to waste it since it does cost some money to get a new counter top albeit a cheaper kind. We will recycle our kitchen to anyone who wants to buy it but it will probably drag on for a bit as we figure out what to do with the mismatching floor. This will increase our ‘invisible’ budget by a bit. This means we can’t do it right now because winter is coming and we’d be without a kitchen for a good 2-3 weeks AT LEAST, we still need to figure out how long it would take to get the floors done and if we get any aid to help remove the old and put up the new kitchen. Stay tuned for more updates on this project.

Notes: Thanks Pixabay for the fantastic images. I’ll try to contribute something soon (you’ll get that cuppa coffee ;)). If you like some of the pics on my blog please go to and help them with a small donation, they’ve been a fabulous source that helped spruce up my blog.


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