Food allergies and recipes

I struggle with some minor food allergies that sometimes make people wonder. I don’t do raw tomatoes after battling against an itch in the throat I had eating some growing up. I avoid them like the plague (as the saying goes) however if they are cooked or preserved in some ways I will consume them. Alcohol is another thing that I can’t really take because for some reason I get rashes and it burns, hence many wonder how I end up in a country like Finland. So when I learnt that some of my friends and some of my friend’s acquaintances or significant other are allergic to onions, it still baffled me, because I don’t really know how to cook using just ‘a little bit of’ onions let alone without onions. So I’m going to investigate and dig out some old recipes I have that doesn’t contain any onions. I know that garlic is one of the main ingredients used in our family growing up, shallots and other onions were secondary. Only when I moved out and experimented more on my own with other types of food, I used onions by the bucket loads.

Source of all evil?

Like onions or not, I’m sure there are lots of tasty food out there that does not use onions and I’m going to experiment with them and share them on the blog. 🙂


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