Getting Back in Motion

I’m physically lazy by nature. I’d rather Netflix and chill (NO, not that kind) than go out for an evening to do something. So if I do make an effort to go out with anyone, it takes a lot out of me. Same goes with travelling, I love it, but many times I just prefer to plant myself in a resort filled with Spa Days. I can work all day on the computer until I’m brain drained but doing physical stuff irks me and yet I keep trying. I have moments when I lapse and return to a sofa dwelling beast (this year I was about 1 month in this state thanks to the summer holidays). That lapse ended about 2 weeks ago when I decided to go back to Air Yoga class (awesome studio). I had contemplated the night before if I had it in me to go back to class. Since they had a 12 hour cancellation policy, I held my cancellation finger with my left hand until the time had past and it would be more difficult to call and explain why I am cancelling on my last serial class and I was not ill, just lazy (no more refunds, no more rescheduling). I left the house earlier as I had to take the public transport to class since the timetables left me with a choice of being 30 mins early or 10 mins late.  It was a ‘smarter’ choice (not sure if it’s cheaper since the ticket fair from outer regions of Helsinki does cost a pretty penny, plus I’ll need a return ticket although in within Helsinki region to where I’m going) than taking the car because I’ll be meeting up with the hubby and the little one from Itäkeskus Itis shopping mall (what a big change since I last visited 6 years ago) for dinner.

I name this pose “The No Idea What I’m doing” pose.

In any case, I felt blood rushing through my brains (it does happen a lot in Air Yoga classes ;)) and never felt more alive after it. Although the next few days felt like a M#¤%F#%&G torture, just note that THE PAIN IS REAL (as all my instructors would say, you’ll get use to it >__<). Lovely new bruises under my belly along the hips and behind my back, this is the only problem that stops me from going to many classes in a row. Before Air Yoga, I was doing something a tad bit more unconventional albeit gaining popularity over the years, bruising was very normal in the beginning of this sport and in summer very unsightly. I started to get less of it as the time went by. It was the pivotal point of me to get myself off the couch, because it combined dance and really heavy workout using your own body weight. In other words, the heavier you are the more you work out, since everyone does the same routine, their body weight will either help them excel further faster or workout slowly while getting the techniques right. Since I’m on the bigger end and on the lazier zone, it takes not only more energy but mental strength to drag me to class. I do crave the feeling of accomplishment (that I actually made it to class) after it, not really caring whether I nailed the routine as long as I’m not falling on my head. I’ll be going to classes the next few weeks and thinking of renewing/re-purchasing serial classes, otherwise, I have the option to just drop-in to classes, it all depends on my schedule. This all started with ignorance on my part, how I felt about it when someone mentioned this sport to me. I opened my big mouth and said what I was thinking without thought if I offended my friend (sorry about this). She looked at it as an opportunity to get my unhealthy work lifestyle to do something different. Hence, I was challenged, and because I thought I could wing it and win the challenge (you know get off easy), as expected I didn’t, so I took up the ‘dare’. Even if I fulfilled my part of the challenge, it changed my perspective of it, and now I’m on the receiving end of this view, but I’ll leave this tale for another time.


If you’re interested in taking classes go to Vertical Club to book your lessons. Most of the time the classes are ran in Finnish but do let your instructor know if you cannot understand Finnish and they’ll work something out :).

If you’re visiting Finland (Helsinki region) and would love to try this out. You can do it without commitment as drop-in classes are common in Finland.




2 Comments Add yours

  1. Suvi says:

    Wow this looks so cool! Too bad it’s so far from where I’m at 😞


  2. jaceyvahiz says:

    It’s far for me too but there is no studio close to me hence I travel there. I think it’s a great studio and definitely worth the travel :).


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