A Little Impulsive about Moomins

Okay, I’m weak when I go to the store, I see something on promotion or something that looks cute and doesn’t cost an arm or a leg, I may buy it. My latest impulse buy was non other than Kitchen Towels! Yep…roll those eyes people. I honestly did not need it as I have 30 rolls of plain whites/mixed designs in my store room since I did a bulk buy few weeks ago during a sale. But because it was the Moomins (Muumi) I had to get them =__=. Psst, Petra look what I found! 

Well it’s limited edition after all!

So, I bought a pack and in each pack there are 4 rolls, each roll contains 3 repeating designs. I’m not such a big Moomin fan (yeah, ouch…but I do love that they are from Finland) and want to support Made and Designed in Finland products. For someone who isn’t too big of a Moomin fan, I sure have lots of cups, plates and other Moomin stuff. It would be terrible for me to be a big fan, I kid you not!

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I’ve started a new project to curb impulse purchases because that seems to be the biggest source of a couple of EUR (or hundred) going off budget every now and again. Those couple of EUR’s do add up to be a great amount if you calculate every receipt. I do love going to the supermarket to shop for items because I can choose the freshest items they have hidden way back, I mean who picks the first can of food they see right, when we can dig to the deepest darkest end to get one with the longest best before? ;). However, the downside is the ‘Oh look! this is cool, I need this, I need that, MmmMm chocolate!’ moments. Sound familiar?  In any case, the reason to do this project is to see how much I can ACTUALLY save from having a shopping list, doing purchases online and having it delivered to me. It defeats the purpose if I have to go pick the groceries up as, impulse buying still comes into play if I happen to be near the cashier and see something else on promotion. As I still have supplies for this week. I may start to compile the items I need for cooking next week and do the order online. The only exception is the Asian stores in Hakaniemi, I have to go and see what they have as they don’t really deliver fresh produce to the home. I was told that there is another service that does home delivery for fresh Asian produce but then again if something is missing from my list I get discouraged from making the purchase altogether. Plus, cooking Asian meals at home isn’t actually cost saving since the products are imported and it carries a big price tag. Hey, you gotta pay if you want gourmet! 😉 I’ll post my progress on this project as I go :).


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