Table for One + the Dog

My hubby is taking a well deserved break after working long hours and almost everyday of the week for the past month to bootstrap our little start-up. To be honest, this journey hasn’t been easy. There are days when I feel like, what’s the point, watching our competitors getting snapped up by one company after another just because they manage to start out with a bit bigger investment and we have other commitments that we can’t just go all in. Talking about this is very sensitive issue for me but I feel the need to share because there are some people who think we are walking on solid gold roads. There is none of that, if any, it’s filled with mine fields and even the wrong move could set everything up in the air. However, we try, that’s the best we can do :). So I have to still get my things in order to supply the accounting office with explanations and find some receipts that have seem to disappear from my pile of scanned receipts, then file them into the folder never to be seen again, until someone asks for them.

There’s still hope.

This evening I’ll be setting a table for one as our little school girl has a pyjama party at her friend’s and as mentioned, my husband being away from home. I’ll get to catch up on some stuff and try to set up my computer to its former glory. I didn’t have much time to get it done this week as I concentrated on getting the core essentials working then I’ll think about all the secondary stuff that helps me speed things up. I do plan on continuing my Netflix binge (currently hooked on The Fosters) with my trusty pooch and hopefully be able to sleep through the morning. Although I should actually think about going to ‘Siivous Päivää’ (Cleaning Day) to sell off some of my daughters toys, clothes and things we don’t use anymore. Looking out and wondering about tomorrow’s weather thinking how it would work out if I were to display all my daughter’s items and it would start to rain! O_O

Just me and Nemu tonight – Pic taken last year around August (2015)

So just for tonight, it’s me, the dog and Netflix with some oh so good and unhealthy grub xD.


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