2nd Week of School- Down with the cold

So, it’s Wednesdays and I thought I can get on with my routine. Unfortunately this season’s cold caught up with our little one. She had a slight fever and as the Finnish school instructions for parents goes, we are to keep the child at home, luckily (or unfortunately) I work from home. It will bother some of my routines for sure but at least I don’t have too many people to call to explain my absence. You see, Finland (I cannot say for other Scandinavian countries, even if they work on the same principle, every country is a little different, that also includes different companies, so choose your bosses wisely, eh? ;)) has a very fair system in place for parents with children, making it easy for parents to go back into the workforce after their baby turns around 1 years of age. The system allows parents to take extended time off work to be with their child or go back to work while their child is being cared for. At the same time the policy also allows either one of the parent to be home with the sick child.

Parents usually negotiate with each other about who stays home with the sick child if both are working and organise their work schedules accordingly. In my position, I’m the one with the constant short straw, which is fine, I do enjoy being with my kid. It’s just that playing servant and trying to get some work done is quite tough. I definitely crave office days. Home offices are great but there is always some distraction (I was interrupted 4 times while writing this short piece), plus these walls seem to need a new coat of paint every time I see it <_<. Getting back into the zone after being interrupted once is okay, twice still manageable, three comes the phase when you think if I’m ever getting anything done, four, really pinches and punches you in the gut so you’d go ‘I give up!’. Thankfully the 4th resulted to the last one for a short time as the poorly child is going to have her nap.

View from our home office balcony. The jaceyvahiz.me central xD (Hah! I crack myself up)
This brought me to thinking how much single parents have to go through for their kid(s) when their child is ill, or when THEY themselves become ill, or they have to go on a work trip etc. Some may be fortunate enough to get some help from parents or siblings, some have help from neither. Being an expat has both its positive and negative sides. If both partners are expats then help is out of reach (like REALLY). In a way, we are very fortunate to get help when needed from my hubby’s side of the family.

I’ll just put this here for now.

Note: Featured image by Pixabay.com, gotta give credit where credit is due :).



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