Breakdown – Meltdown

I’m back after a hectic weekend! You can’t imagine what I’ve been through this weekend especially with my computer. I was working on Thursday evening and all of a sudden my Windows 10 decided, “Nope, I won’t let you continue, I’ll just go and destroy all your work and update your computer for you!” The moment when you realise that you have spent 3 hours planning, designing, writing and editing something that you had in your head the whole day was flush down the drain by the mere moment of your computer’s ‘force scheduled’ tantrum to go “Meh! “. I thought, h*ll! (apologise for the use of harsh words), oh well, it’s just an update, I need to figure out how to turn it off the next time. Upon signing in, a new horror emerged! My full version of Windows 10 reverted back to Windows 10 PREVIEW! Not only did that happen, I was locked out of my Office 365, that means the autosave drafts went kaput! Kaput, I tell you!


Apart from that, I had no access to about 1000 of my files (give or take). Every time I clicked on the files, it prompted some ‘access denied’ or some permission or another is needed. Even if I had the administration rights to my laptop, I couldn’t override all these prompt *PANIC*.  I did a quick take to see if I’ve backed up my things. It would seem that I may have, but it was hard to check all the files, so I’m trusting I did seeing that the files affected by this ‘resistance is futile’ nonsense appeared only in files one year or older.  I did this by arranging my view to show the latest  modified and went through some randomly, that’s how I discovered to not all files were affected by the ‘Windows Borg’. So I backed-up the ones that were not affected by the ‘hive-mind’.

However because of this issue, I had to reinstall my computer. I contacted M$FT and got the help from their support team, who were all friendly (and somewhat helpful) by the way (although I felt like I was going through the revolving door as I kept on connecting to a new support each time I dropped out thanks to misbehaving computers, with the same case number), I did get most of the information needed and then went pleading to the Hubster to help with reinstalling my Windows 10, as I was emotionally and physically drained from panicking and the fear of losing my data. To think, little bits of information could be so important that it could ruin your day so badly. I felt my heart sinking. I don’t know if this will teach me to be more vigilante in taking backups but it sure was a scary wake-up call. Nevertheless, I have 3 more post I planned to write but as I’m going out to do some promotional work, I won’t have time until I come home and possibly have enough time to write only 1 post. In any case, stay tuned! 🙂

So next up would be how the soft launch for worked. Then the gallivanting around Helsinki’s ‘Asia Town’ to gather the ingredients. Possibly to share the recipe of the dish I made for the launch day, ‘Nasi Lemak’! The net is full of them but I can still share my version of it. It may not be 100% authentic but it’s as close as it gets when you’re living so far away from the place of origin plus some ingredients are not easy to find. Then there is trying to slightly adapt it to the Finnish taste.

Next week, a call to the Finnish Taxation office to figure out the question about taxes in regards to sales profits, net and gross profits for people selling on Yummers platform.


Note: Images courtesy of Pixabay.



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  1. Suvi says:

    Aaargh! I hate it when the computer acts up. Here’s hoping it will be ok from now on. Do go easy on adapting food to Finnish taste, this is something many complain about, for example this has resulted in not being able to find authentic Chinese food anywhere in Helsinki. I’m still searching though!

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    1. jaceyvahiz says:

      You are welcome to come by! I made Nasi Lemak and they were blown away… By the chili that is xD. My adaptation to Finnish taste is more like using boneless chicken but I refuse to use chicken breasts, as it can get tough and tasteless. I’m going to town today to check the ‘Ravintola Päivää’ hopefully to promote Do you happen to be around?

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Suvi says:

        Sorry I was out and about this weekend, let’s try again another day! Hahaha it could be that the chili is too much for me after all 😌😌

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