Cleaning (or just doing something productive) Day

I’m a person who detest cleaning but enjoy having a clean environment to live in. With a soft launch to perform market validation of my new business idea so close and still so many tweaks to do and so many FAQ’s to go through, I wonder if I’m stretching myself too thin. I promise to share what I’m doing soon enough (as soon as I figure out where I left my brain <_<) but I need to clear my working environment so that I can concentrate on the nitty-gritty and actually get a few things done. So while trying to work on my start-up idea, I noticed an old gift, a duplicate birthday present for my daughter that I meant to sell a year ago. So I started to go to Facebook and posted it there. Then I remembered nobody responded to a bike post I made two months ago so I decided to put that up on sale in ‘Tori’ or rather (a marketplace to sell your goods, not like eBay but similar, only difference is that there is no bidding). Of course one thing led to another and I remembered that I also have an old freezer to sell, and I just sat here feeling overwhelmed. So I decided to write about it.

The bike I had to let go.

The reason why I feel overwhelmed is because I have many little things going on that I could do in my own time but nothing else keeping me organized. This means that I have ample time to dream away and put it off for another day. I guess being on summer holidays does that to you. I remembered being on a job that required a minimum 50 hours a week of my time, on top of that I was still trying to complete a few modules from University of Liverpool for my Masters of Science in Global Marketing, while still making time for the toddler, cook, clean and etc. I got my game on (most days <_<), I was able to manage my timetable because I knew what I had to do, when I had to do it and my free time was rather limited hence I made good use of that too. Although I wondered how long I could keep burning myself that way.

When my project ended in Autumn of 2014, I started to think about what I actually wanted to do with my life. Then ‘Giroco’ ( came along. I wanted to travel! I wanted to share my travels! I wanted to collect all the places of interest that mattered to me in one place and tick them off my list one at a time. My hubby was the coder, he believed in my dreams, as we do share a similar one, so he took the time and worked his arse to create the initial version. We could have gone further had we had investors believing in our dream but truth be told, if they don’t see where the money is coming from the likelihood of them investing is close to zero. So bootstrapping it is, and it’s not easy when the other one is still trying to complete their studies (me). I am glad to have some gigs along the way so that I could keep the company afloat. As mention in the top I have yet another bright idea to be tested. The good thing about this is that we found a platform that allow us to do the market validation at a lower cost, so that means lower risk to us and less wasting time. That doesn’t mean that there is no work involved, in some cases, there’s probably more than enough work but it’s not constant, plus monetary gains are usually low in the beginning, just enough to cover some of the cost that involves using a third party platform (or not even that). In any case here’s a snapshot of Giroco’s front page. As we progress I may share a bit of what it looks like under lock and keys ;).


So, I’m in the middle of looking for a permanent work, something from my past experience since I can’t seem to get around it without hands on experience from what I’ve been studying. It really doesn’t matter because I’m gaining that experience through experiments, like blogging, keeping up with a few of my Facebook pages and the start-up. However, I will make the time to share my journey, the small stuff  as well as making use of my time to get some things done, and get myself back into the rhythm of things. Signing off for now! xoxo


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